Ashleigh D. Johnson:

now that DeVos is in, this would be the time for you to begin looking at alternative methods of education. online, homeschooling, etc.

Can you imagine a conservative saying this exact same thing when President Obama appointed Arne Duncan to Secretary of Education? I know I can. Just change “DeVos” to “Duncan” and you have a prototypical tweet from a conservative 8 years ago. One of the things that the Trump election has taught me is just how similar Republicans and Democrats act when it comes to responding to government that they don’t like. This tweet epitomizes the similarities. A couple of months ago it was guns and now it’s homeschooling. It would be hilarious if there are actual families that take up homeschooling because of the appointment of DeVos, while sitting around planning their next target practice session with their new Smith & Wesson revolvers.

Different motives, same exact lifestyle.