I’m not here to apologize and make excuses for Trump’s every turn, but let’s look at a couple of things about this Bustle article. First, I’m sure Trump’s really busy getting more accomplished in his first weeks of office than any other president, but even still, he shouldn’t go on the record saying that he’s had more electoral votes than any president since Reagan. That’s sloppy. Trump needs to be more careful with his facts. Still, as cringe-worthy as this is, I don’t think Trump would have made this claim if he’d known the facts. In other words, this isn’t communist propaganda. This is a businessperson turned politician, in a flurry, too busy to even spend the 10 seconds to do a few Google searches on his antiquated Android. Right now Trump is a man too busy to flush toilets. These nit picky journalists have never owned a business in their life and they literally don’t have a clue what it’s like to be this level of busy. I’m not saying Trump’s incorrectness is ok or shouldn’t be called out, I’m just giving you a new filter to view this through.

But the real thing to talk about is the Flynn story, because that one is important. This Bustle article links to a tweet by Sopan Deb:

As I read Trump’s first answer on Flynn, I’m still confused as to why Trump asked for his resignation:

It’s curious that Sopan is completely bypassing the simple act of taking Trump’s answer at face value. Oh, we know Trump’s lying, but since we know he’s lying, his answer doesn’t make any sense, and so now we’re confused. What??

Picture a conceivable universe where Trump’s actually telling the truth. In fact, put yourself in his shoes, assuming that the narrative he’s been telling is true. Here’s the sequence of events:

  1. You’re accused of having ties with Russia that you know are false.
  2. Your National Security Advisor has calls with Russian officials and he misleads your vice president into believing that certain things were not talked about. Those certain things not talked about are 100% legal, by the way. He simply denies that those perfectly ok things were discussed.
  3. Your VP goes on the record to the press with this factually incorrect knowledge.
  4. The incorrect nature of this narrative comes to light.
  5. You’re already under suspicion of having secret ties with Russia. You know they’re not true. You want to keep things squeaky clean, so you ask your National Security Advisor to resign.

What is it about this narrative that is confusing to Sopan? If Sopan were in Trump’s shoes, would Sopan not ask Flynn to resign under these circumstances?

What Trump is saying makes perfect sense if he’s telling the truth and you take him at face value. We have no proof whatsoever that Trump has willfully deceived the American people. Maybe we’ll get proof, and if so, then that changes everything. But only until then, the real babies in this story are the gullible media who are believing in this Russian conspiracy theory. It makes no sense whatsoever.