Ben Thompson:

On the flipside, I, for one, view Uber’s regulatory maneuvering in a much more positive light.

One of the great things about Ben is that you can depend on him to be against overt regulation and oppression of business. I’m glad to finally see someone say this.

Then this nugget:

Moreover, one of Uber’s other “scandals” — the fact that Kalanick asked Amit Singhal to step down as Senior Vice President of Engineering after not disclosing a sexual harassment claim at Google — reflected far worse on Google than Uber: if Singhal committed a fireable offense the search giant should have fired the man who rewrote their search engine; instead someone in the know dribbled out allegations that happened to damage a company they view as a threat.

Everyone’s talking about how horrible Uber is, but Uber isn’t alone in this.

And then:

The sad truth is that for too many this is the first case of sexual harassment they’ve cared about, not because of the victim, but because of the potential for taking Uber down.

Uber isn’t a perfect company. But the app is still on my iPhone and I continue to look forward to using it. Ben’s done a service to the community. He’s done the delicate job of analyzing the positive aspects of Uber without looking like an uncaring misogynist.