On Wednesday of this week, Stack Overflow released the survey results from the 2017 survey. There are a lot of little nuggets that are fascinating to dig into. Here are a couple of big takeaways.

  • JavaScript is the most popular language in every occupation category except for Desktop Developer, where SQL leads by a mere .2%. If you’re a developer, you’re writing JavaScript.
  • The wording on the question for operating system was very ambiguous. It wasn’t clear if it was asking what platform you were writing for or on. Amazon Web Services was an option along side Windows Desktop and Raspberry Pi. That’s very strange. The result is that the number of people who specified Mac OS (a compromise term that combines both Mac OS X and macOS) was just 18.4%, down from 26.2% from last year. This is misleading. If the survey had asked the question as clearly as it did previously, Mac OS would be in the 30% range.
  • Working remote is becoming more and more of a thing. 53.3% of developers looking for a new job say that remote options are a top priority? That’s huge.