Scott Adams:

Earlier this week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey contacted me to discuss my ongoing public observations that Twitter appears to be “shadowbanning” me because of my writings about Trump. Jack introduced me via Direct Message to Del Harvey, Twitter’s Head of Trust & Safety, for the official answer.

The official answer is that no one, including me, is shadowbanned on Twitter. It has never happened.

There are about four possible explanations at this point.

  • Twitter is outright lying. I find this extremely unlikely. I’m leaning towards taking Twitter’s statement at face value.
  • Or employees lower down the food chain are monkeying with tweet visibility and their superiors are blissfully unaware. This sort of thing is farfetched, practically unheard of, and can cost a developer his job, so I think we can rule this one out.
  • Or there’s a conveniently partisan bug in Twitter’s software.
  • Or this is a clear example of confirmation bias, and Scott is living in a delusional world.

Something strange is afoot. The last option seems the most likely, but there’ve been an awful lot of incidents that are hard to explain away to pure chance.