Ryan Fait was a brilliant and innovative web designer who graced the lives of all who were privileged to know him before his untimely death.

Web design was so much his passion that he was happy to share his expertise online, free of charge, to anyone willing to learn.

He is deeply missed by his family, friends, and clients.

I never knew Ryan Fait in person. I never talked to him. But I knew of him very well, for many years. This was the RyanFait.com I knew (the .com domain now redirects to a .net obituary). I used to spend a lot of time pouring over the small site, admiring every detail of it. His sticky footer was invaluable. “Ryan Fait sticky footer” was something I’d google at least a couple of times per year. I’m using Ryan’s sticky footer here on Drinking Caffeine. It was so clean and it just worked.

I know he’s been dead for more than two years now but it feels like he just now died. I had no idea.