Ben Thompson, quoting himself from last fall at Stratechery:

I get why top-down solutions are tempting: fake news and filter bubbles are in front of our faces, and wouldn’t it be better if Facebook fixed them? The problem is the assumption that whoever wields that top-down power will just so happen to have the same views I do.

The tendency among those advocating for tech companies to interfere with algorithms and feeds is to forget that everyone is biased and has a specific viewpoint. We all like to think we’re the standard objective but we aren’t. The moment tech companies trifle with the playing field, they’re going down a slippery slope. I’m in full agreement with Ben here.

Ben goes on:

I noted above that deciding how to respond to fake news is a trade-off; in the case of Facebook, the fact that fake news is largely surfaced to readers already inclined to believe it means I see the harm as being less than Facebook actively taking an editorial position on news stores.