Brent Simmons:

I’m on Manton‘s cool new microblogs system. Here’s where you can follow me, once you’re on the system:

The design of is going to be key to its success.1 It’s not very refined (yet?) but I do appreciate how minimal it is. Avenir as a font choice is great (though San Francisco would be my preferred choice). Also would love to see the avatars left aligned on mobile.

And here’s my microblog: (Which you can read using RSS, whether you’re on the system or not.)

Not loving Helvetica here. Looks like some bad ideas from Twitter have crept in here. Sans-serif fonts have to be smaller than serif fonts. You get them too big and they just don’t look right.

I wrote about three-quarters of my own single-user microblog system — and then stopped because I didn’t feel like running a server and because Manton’s service is so good.

I’m confused about this part. What all is involved here? My understanding is that you just have to provide an RSS feed with the appropriate specs. If you’re using WordPress or Jekyll or most any content management system, that’s really eassy. Was Brent trying to get fancy or what? It’ll be more clear as the public beta rolls out to more people. I just can’t wait to set my account up. Now I’m wishing I’d backed the project on Kickstarter, just so I could get in early.

  1. Or at the very least, key to whether or not I enjoy using it. ↩︎