Slack’s release notes on iTunes:

What’s New in Version 3.18

  • A new and improved message input is being rolled out that helps you quickly attach photos and files, access slash commands, and @-mention teammates. Fewer taps > greater taps. Or, more accurately, Greater and also fewer taps > lesser but more numerous taps. tl;dr Tap less: Do more.
  • Updates to the Custom Status feature (though not to yours, that’s yours alone to update).
  • Fixed: The last word is now autocorrected when tapping the send message button. Hopefully to something that is correct.
  • Fixed: Improved push notification handling for Enterprise teams.
  • Fixed: Inviting someone to a channel no longer fails silently for users on Enterprise teams. Which is not to suggest it now fails loudly. It no longer fails, silently or loudly: IT JUST NO LONGER FAILS.

I’m loving this update to one of my favorite apps of all time. The new “Send” button is great, as well as the ability to open the compose box in a fullscreen.