1. Asking Siri “What can you tell me about WWDC?” is a nice touch and gives an inkling of what’s in the wheelbarrow. It incorrectly referred to the year-old keynote for some people though. Oops.
  2. It’s odd that Apple still requires you to be on its platform to watch the keynote. You can’t be on Chrome on a Mac. It has to be Apple software on Apple hardware. No leniency here. The chances that you’d be interested in the keynote and not own any Apple hardware is pretty low, but still. Why does the company do this? It is limiting its audience and I don’t see the benefit. It makes no sense to me.
  3. The keynote starting at 10:08 AM PDT was curiously late. Whenever something like this happens I always want to know what the holdup was.
  4. The opening video was truly bizarre. It was definitely out of the box. The disappearing apps seemed like an interesting iOS 11 feature that you’d see when you power down your iPhone, but alas, it was just a theatric.
  5. Amazon Prime coming to Apple TV has been rumored but hearing it officially announced was terrific. No more AirPlay from an iPhone to watch Amazon content.
  6. Kevin Lynch’s new beard looks good on him. He is one of the nerdiest people on the stage and he might as well own it.
  7. The two-way data exchange with gym equipment in watchOS 4 shows how serious Apple is getting about athleticism. It’s going to be giving Garmin’s Sports & Recreation lineup a run for its money in another 5-10 years. We’re not there yet but the day is coming. If I were Garmin I’d be paying very close attention to what Apple is doing in this space.
  8. Craig Federighi is going to make a great CEO. Love his personality and casual use of words like misconstrued. He’s a pro’s pro, although I did notice a higher-than-usual amount of slip-ups.
  9. At face value, Sierra High’s Safari auto-play blocking feature is going to create complications for developers who want to play HTML5 videos in the background of their pages. They will no longer have a guarantee that their background videos will be playing for modern browsers (expect Chrome and maybe FireFox to play catchup on this new feature, too).
  10. How does this ultra-fast file copying work in APFS? Is APFS actually that much faster, or are you simply copying memory references? If the latter, then does it wait to fork a pure copy when you actually go to modify either instance? Craig doesn’t have time to go into this in the opening keynote, but this definitely raises questions.
  11. The future games that are coming in the VR space via the iMac Pro are going to be incredible. The Star Wars demo was jaw dropping. It’s impossible to explain VR. You just have to experience it.
  12. With the iMac Pro coming in December 2017, it’ll probably be mid 2018 at the very earliest before the Mac Pro is released. Once they’re both on the market it’ll be interesting to see which one people choose when they’re in the market for pro hardware. If you’re going to spend $4,999 for the entry level iMac Pro, it’d be tempting to go all the way to the Mac Pro and thereby divorce your monitor from your computer so you have nuanced upgrade flexibility. I’m looking forward to the in-depth articles that’ll be written comparing the iMac Pro against the Mac Pro. In the meanwhile, it’s interesting that nothing was mentioned about the Mac Pro that’s in the works. It’s hush-hush. Not even one sentence about it.
  13. Here’s something notable for its absence: nothing was announced for splitting up macOS iTunes into multiple applications, despite rumors. Next year?
  14. I love how Cook says “other platforms” instead of “Android.” It doesn’t deserve even a namedrop. Just saying the word on an Apple stage is deemed imprudent.
  15. Person to person Apple Pay is yuge. Cash for iOS got sherlocked today. It’s a has-been at this point. That’s great, because getting people to download an app just so you can send them money is a harder barrier than getting them to setup a native OS integration.
  16. The new control center in iOS 11 is going to take some getting used to. I’m sure I’ll eventually like it but my initial reaction is that it’s a huge step backwards visually. I don’t like widgets and panels. I like a single integrated, unified body.
  17. Showing portrait photos on an iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 7 Plus seems disingenuous. You can’t take a portrait photo with the iPhone 7 camera.
  18. The I-can’t-believe-you-actually-went-there laughs on the Tinder notification. 🤣
  19. Do Not Disturb While Driving is a great way to address the record high number of auto deaths in recent years. This will literally save lives and I can’t wait to use it, including the auto-respond with Messages.
  20. Once we got to the redesigned App Store app for iOS (built this time mostly in Swift I’m sure), it finally hit me: when Cook said at the outset that this was the biggest WWDC keynote to date, he wasn’t blowing hot air. Apple is really crushing it. It’s not a complacent company. Not by a long shot. It’s still innovating at hardware and software, finding areas with pain points and overhauling them so that they go from being cringe-worthy to being some of the best examples of Apple’s work. It’s a beautiful thing watching this happen.
  21. VRKit is a game changer. Can’t wait to play with it. The things that’ll come out of this are going to really blow people away. Imagine playing a virtual chess game this way.
  22. If I could do my day job on an iPad, I would. iOS isn’t ready for that yet, but it will be one day, and the iOS 11 improvements to iPad today got us a whole lot closer. The Files app is a key ingredient.
  23. The Notes document scanner has sherlocked the very popular Genius Scan. I mean, you don’t even have to take the photo directly on top of the paper now. Unbelievable.
  24. Schiller is right that I’m Poppy is really something else. Wow.
  25. The straightforward security of HomePod is refreshing. No ambiguity. No room for “we’re secretly recording behind your back.” It only sends your voice to Apple’s servers when you’ve activated Hey Siri and even then the ID is anonymized. That’s a secure speaker.
  26. Michelle Obama is present for a session? Wow. So they’ll have Melania Trump in 8 years when she’s a former First Lady too, I guess?