Liam Greig, writing from the Bitbucket blog back in April:

A good user interface gets out of the way and makes it easy for teams to understand, focus on, and complete their work. We’ve been listening to our users on how to improve the navigation of Bitbucket Cloud’s UI and have been hard at work for over a year to address the feedback. Today we’re taking the first step in improving Bitbucket Cloud’s UI and launching a new navigation experience.

Let’s hope that one of the next steps is introducing the ability to search code. We still don’t have that with Bitbucket. We can search commits, but we can’t search the actual code. It’s probably not easy to implement, but it’s used all the time on GitHub. I use this feature daily.

Bitbucket’s new interface is an improvement. I don’t care for the garish blue though, but it makes sense. Atlassian uses a Microsoft tech stack and Microsoft’s design influences Atlassian’s design initiatives.