Matthew Lettini, writing at the Harvest blog back in May:

Did you know that Harvest turned 11 years old this past March? That’s right, Harvest is approaching its teens! We’re proud and thankful that, with your support, we’ve been able to build a useful product that helps businesses both track time and work smarter.

But with that many years behind us, Harvest is starting to show its age—the design of Harvest hasn’t seen a major update in a number of years.

One of the noticeable changes to the new design is the new Fakt font. I really like it when companies write about their design changes. It’s a great insight into the thinking behind the changes. I wished GitHub did this more.

Harvest’s design refresh is an improvement to the world’s best time tracker. I’ve been using Harvest for years and its Mac app is just so incredibly simple and easy to use. Even though I don’t have to track my time at my day job, I still do it just because Harvest makes it fun.