John Gruber, commenting on the story about NaviStone:

Sending form data surreptitiously is morally wrong, and everyone knows it.

I’m not sure what’s in the fizzy water at Philly but this blew me away reading this. If you fill out information on a website, that data is fair game. If you do not want that information to go somewhere, do not type it. The submit button is nothing more than your indicating that you’re ready to go to the next screen. The submit button isn’t your permission for the website to have the data you wrote out. You gave that permission with each keystroke. Rather, the submit button is your way of telling the site that you are fully satisfied with your entry and you’re ready to carry out the next step.

Next he goes completely off the deep end:

This might sound hyperbolic, but I mean it: I think we’d better off if JavaScript had never been added to web browsers.

JavaScript is the backbone of the modern web. I recommend that Gruber disable JavaScript in his browser and see what kind of web experience he gets.1

  1. If he ever gets his site mobile friendly, John’s going to discover something: it’s impossible to have a mobile friendly website without some JavaScript. ↩︎