Rui Carmo, Tao of Mac, last Saturday:

There are a few things I don’t like in the FaaS approach (well, besides the overwhelming mindshare JavaScript appears to have as lingua franca for it).

Rui’s link for the word “JavaScript” takes you to a page that says this:

I’ve taken to looking for alternative ways to develop in JavaScript that don’t require me to put up with its syntax and overall insanity.

JavaScript is a beautiful language — it’s my favorite language, in fact. Because of its dominance, it should be a language that every computer scientist is required to study. It is only “overall insane” if you’re too lazy to learn it. No, it’s not like Go or Java or Python. Stop comparing it to that. It’s its own thing. And it’s not going anywhere. It’s the only programming language the browser understands. Every time you use your computer, you’re using JavaScript whether you realize it or not. If Rui doesn’t like the JS part of NodeJS, that’s his deal. It’s part and parcel to the territory. Embrace it, or get out of the kitchen.