Justin Searls, in a lengthy piece at Medium:

Apple spent eight years iterating on iOS before shipping the extension points necessary to accomplish the sort of actions demanded by its power users. Heck, it took nine major versions for real hardware keyboard support to materialize. The iPad may be old news, but its usefulness as a computer is still a recent development.

The day I can do my job on an iPad, I’m switching, because as much as I love macOS, I love iOS even more. A couple of requirements though:

  1. It needs to not involve having to write my code in Terminal. I need a real IDE, like most developers.
  2. It needs to not involve remoting into a Mac. Instead, it needs to be self-contained within the iPad itself. No Mac should be necessary in the process.

We’re not there yet, but with each major release of iOS, we’re getting closer to the iPad being a complete replacement to the Mac for serious developers. That’s really exciting.