Rebecca Greenfield, writing at Bloomberg:

Last year, Richard Laermer decided to let his employees work from home on a regular basis. “We hire adults, they shouldn’t be tied to the office five days a week,” said Laermer, who owns a New York-based public relations firm. “I always assumed that you can get your work done anywhere, as long as you actually get it done.”

Turns out, he was wrong.

This is in pretty stark contrast to what Stack Overflow’s 2017 survey results suggest. Here’s what I had to say about it then:

Working remote is becoming more and more of a thing. 53.3% of developers looking for a new job say that remote options are a top priority? That’s huge.

My entire company works remotely. Bloomberg cherry-picked a few anecdotes that make it sound like a bad idea, but the full picture is much different than that.