Back in March, a very confused Nilay Patel had this to say at The Verge:

But very sad for the internet economy and startup culture: how can a new rival compete with a prioritized or zero-rated Netflix if its service is delivered more slowly or costs more in data charges?

Nobody actually thinks that ISPs would slow down a competitor to Netflix. That’s a straw man. But let’s say for the sake of argument that this did happen; is it the government’s job to protect this from happening? Absolutely not.

The Internet is great again, to correct the very crass headline today at The Verge. Ajit Pai had the courage to kick the government out of this whole affair, despite much of the populace being in opposition. Who in China or North Korea would look at a country whose Internet is unmolested by government and deny that such a country has made the right choice towards free speech, free enterprise, and the open web?