I highly recommend listening to this ten-minute video on Periscope, but due to Periscope’s poor buffering in rewatch mode, I jotted down a few pertinent parts:

Women don’t really know what we’re saying. Women have no idea what we’re talking about privately. Women also don’t know what one woman will say to one man privately.

My life experience is that one on one, men and women almost completely agree on this topic of STEM jobs. If I’m talking to a woman or a man one on one, the opinions are almost identical. Pretty much a hundred percent of the time. If nobody else is listening, we agree on everything. I won’t even tell you what it is we agree on. As soon as you get in public, the rules change, because in public, you’re working on the greater good. Which is why I support Google in firing this guy.

Basically, he’s saying that we are obliged to virtue signal in the theater of public life, but when the mic’s off, everyone agrees with James Damore, men and women alike. Anecdotally, my life experience jives with this.