Nathan Ingraham, writing at Engaget:

If you’ve ever plugged your phone into your car stereo, only to have the same song start playing every single time, I have some good news for you. Yesterday, a true internet hero named Samir Mezrahi released a song on iTunes that’s just 10 minutes of silence – and he named it “A a a a a Very Good Song.” Since the iPhone starts playing music alphabetically when you plug it in to many car stereos, that usually means there’s one song that you hear whether you want to or not. Many songs starting with the letter A have probably been ruined thanks to this quirk – but if you download Mezrahi’s creation, you’ll instead have plenty of time to queue up the songs you want to hear.

This has been a source of grief to me for ages. That song has heretofore been Abandoning Ship from the film score of Pixar’s Ratatouille. I’ve added A a a a a Very Good Song to my Apple Music library as its replacement. Well done, Samir Mezrahi.

Via 512 Pixels.