Daryush Valizadeh:

Secondly, I realized that my unique male brain is not designed to pay attention for prolonged periods of time in cooperative environments. I did not want to sit down continuously for hours, wait my turn to speak, and pretend to be “nice” to others. I also saw the females present not as my intellectual equals—even if they were smart—but as fodder for sexual fantasies that gave me distracting boners. The women seemed to greatly enjoy this environment, probably because men treated them with great respect just because they were women, regardless of their intellectual contributions.

Sounds like a real adventurist, which clashes with his about page where he discusses his concern that “eliminiation of sex roles” tends to unleash women’s “promiscuity and other negative behaviors that block family formation.” How’s your family formation and non-promiscuity working out for you, Daryush?

Also, anyone who balks at a productive 40-hour workweek is bad company. I’m glad I don’t have to work with this guy.