Manton Reece:

Worked on a blog post yesterday arguing that the iOS 11 GM leak reaction is overblown, just more unhealthy fallout from Apple’s obsession with secrecy. This morning, scrapped the draft. I have other work to do. Looking forward to tomorrow’s event!

It’s not secrecy for the sake of secrecy. To quote what I wrote this spring after the Talk Show interview at WWDC:

Interesting to hear Schiller explain the reason why Apple hates leaks so much: because it steals the thunder from the developer teams who worked so hard and want to see people’s delight when their work first sees the light of day.

We don’t chide simply because we like the idea of keeping secrets. It’s because leaking like this is disrespecful to the team that built the thing that’s leaked. It’s not fair to them.

Kudos to Manton for ditching his draft.