Vlad Savov, writing at The Verge:

Here are three things I’m not interested in: a $1,000 iPhone, Apple Music, and paid iCloud storage. I’m neither an Apple hater nor a cheapskate; I simply prefer to spend my money on more tangible and lasting things than ephemeral subscriptions or the early-adopter tax for the latest and greatest iPhone of 2017. But an analyst note from Barclays has thrown up an intriguing possibility that could, all of a sudden, kindle my interest in Apple’s services and new hardware: what if Apple bundled free Apple Music and iCloud storage with the purchase of the top new iPhone model?

If you’re already paying monthly for Apple Music and iCloud Storage, this would be an appealing deal indeed.

This part caught my eye though:

Personally, I’d prefer that Apple offers free Apple Music for the lifetime of the $1,000 iPhone (and maybe limit it to that one specific device) over a one-year subscription, but I can see both methods having the desired effect.

An Apple Music subscription is $9.99 per month. The 200GB iCloud storage plan is $2.99 per month. These two services would cost $1,000 after 77 months, or 6.4 years. If this new iPhone Pro came with these services for free for the lifetime of the device, it would be cheaper to buy this iPhone than to pay for the services with no iPhone. There’s zero chance Apple’s offering a lifetime subscription like this. That’s a deal too good to be true by an order of magnitude.

Weird how everyone’s calling this “the $1,000 iPhone,” by the way. Is that really going to be the base price? That low?