If you go to Google and do a search for “iPhone 8” you will see a lot of search results. I’ll briefly list a small sampling of them:

  • telegraph.co.uk: iPhone 8: Release date and time, price, latest features and news.
  • 9to5mac.com: Check out our top stories on iPhone 8.
  • theverge.com: Apple iPhone 8 event: start time, live stream, and live blog.
  • macrumors.com: iPhone 8 Manufacturing Issues May Lead to Extended Supply Shortages and Shipping Delays.
  • theinquirer.net: The long awaited iPhone 8 is officially launching later today.

This list could go on and on. It’s fair to say that the entire industry that’s covering this event has been incorrectly calling D22 the iPhone 8. Well guess what? There will be an iPhone 8, but it will not be the D22 model. That’s going to be a source of confusion for a lot of readers who took mainstream media at face value.

If you wrote about the iPhone 8, shame on you. Not only did you not pick the right name, but you didn’t even pick a name that makes sense. It wasn’t even a good guess. At what point in iPhone history has the name of the iPhone gone from one number to its consecutive number in a single year? Never. It’s always been a tick-tock cycle. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS; iPhone 4, iPhone 4S; iPhone 5, iPhone 5S; iPhone 6, iPhone 6S. If you wanted to guess at a name based on the past decade of momentum, you would’ve called this the iPhone 7S. But you cleverly figured on your own that since this was a bigger release this time, Apple was going to just skip all convention and call D22 the iPhone 8. And then everyone jumped on the bandwagon and it became a whole thing.

There’s an air of confidence and cockiness here that smells exceedingly foul to my nostrils. Being smug and right is tolerable, but being smug and wrong is intolerable.

“Well, we had to call it something, what did you want us to call it?” Well, calling it the 7S would be a start. That way if you were wrong, you would at least be giving Apple the credit of assuming it to be consistent in its naming schema. Or you could call it the “2017 iPhone” or even just the “new iPhone.” If you didn’t care about verbose headlines, you could call it “The iPhone We Believe to Be Called the iPhone 8.” Most anything beats coming up with a name whose schema you derived purely on your own, whilst being cocky about it, whilst being wrong about it. You can pick two of those three and come out ok. Pick all three, and you fail.

Oh, I know. It’s all about the search engines. And once everyone else in the media jumps on the bandwagon and “iPhone 8” becomes the search term, that’s the term you have to compete on. I’m not criticizing the underdogs who went with the herd because it was that or starve. I’m criticizing the people who sat down 6-12 months ago and decided that this was what they were going to call it.

Because they were badly wrong.