John Gruber:

Assuming today’s new high-end iPhone really is going to be called “iPhone X”, there’s one big question we don’t know the answer to yet: is the “X” an “ex” or a “ten”?

I imagine it’s going to be pronounced “ex” not “ten.” If it’s not, then this piece isn’t going to age well.1 We’ll know in about two hours!

If Apple wanted this to be pronounced “ten” then they should’ve called it the iPhone 10, because otherwise, in a few years, it’s going to get very confusing knowing which device you’re referring to when you say “iPhone ten.” Are you referring to the iPhone X or the iPhone 10 (which presumably comes after the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 9)? The only way around that would be to either completely deviate next year from the numbering system, or else skip those numbers and introduce the iPhone 11 in 2018, which is madness.

  1. But it will absolutely have my sympathy. ↩︎