The design of the new Apple TV 4K remote is only slight changed from its predecesor. The problem with it has always been this: in the dark, you can’t easily tell whether you’re holding it correctly or backwards. The net result is that when you want to hit the pause button, you end up hitting the TV icon instead. This hurdles you away from what you’re playing, and you have to gingerly find your way back. It’s quite irksome.

Stephen Hackett had this to say about it:

The Siri Remote has gotten a small update as well. There is now a white ring printed around the MENU button to make it stand out a bit more. The button itself appears to be a part of the touch surface, which would also help by providing some asymmetry.

It’s hard to call it for sure but looking more closely, I think he’s onto something. Will this change be enough to fix the problem?

Update: I’ve confirmed with John Gruber, who has a review unit, that the new remote’s menu button is not a part of the touch surface. That said, as he’s publicly stated, the white ring around the button is raised, but this change alone isn’t a satisfactory solution to the design problem.