Marco Arment, explaining why Overcast’s iOS 11 release isn’t yet here:

This summer, I decided I finally needed to devote significant time to health, and since my family always comes first, that mostly came at the expense of reduced work time.

In his footnote:

I’m fine. I just finally realized that the correct amount of exercise for a 35-year-old was probably not zero.

I’m on track to cycle well over 3,000 miles this year and to run 400 miles. Exercising is super important, especially when we spend all day every day in front of our computers. We need to be more open with each other about this as developers. If you’re a developer and you’re not exercising, you should be consciously aware that something’s wrong, that everyone else is doing this thing and you’re not. As a general rule, I recommend planning on spending a minimum of 200 hours per year exercising. That comes out to 4 hours, i.e. 3-6 solid sessions, per week. Sure, that’s 200 hours you won’t be able to write code, but when the year’s over, I promise that you’ll look back and be glad that you exercised.