In his piece at Trusted Reviews, Sean Keach fails to back his title’s claim. He even fails to mention the iPhone at all, except for this sound bite:

It’s a very similar design to the one we’ve already seen from Apple’s new iPhone X, although the notch here is a little smaller.

Are we to conclude that this Samsung prototype from a third party makes the iPhone X look like rubbish because of how “very similar” it is? There isn’t even a method to this madness. It’s nonsensical. It’s clickbait, pure and simple.

I wasn’t even going to give this piece the time of day except to point this one thing out: when have you ever seen a headline from an Apple aficionado that resembled this headline’s reversal? This iPhone Concept Makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 Look Rubbish. We just don’t see those kinds of headlines. That should tell you something. People who have to resort to an artist’s prototype to demolish a product that’s actually shipped are defeated and they know it.