Napier Lopez, writing at The Next Web:

Apple’s 4K TV has launched to a wealth of positive reviews, but it turns out the 4K experience comes with some odd fine print. For example: You can’t actually download 4K movies from iTunes, only stream them.

My friend recently bought an Apple 4K TV. The icons on the home screen look butter smooth on it, as well as the screensavers. But the actual movie experience doesn’t seem to be that much different from watching an HD movie. In order to stream a 4K movie, you need to be downloading in 4K resolution during that timeframe if you’re going to see it in its full strength. It’s not a good experience unless you have blazing fast Internet. You can’t scrub, thumbnails don’t work, and it doesn’t buffer if it doesn’t yet have the full resolution. Instead, it does what Amazon Prime does: it just plays at a lower resolution. What’s the point in having a 4K TV?

I get that with a storage capacity of 32GB or 64GB, you can’t have very many 4K movies downloaded at once on your TV, but Apple should really make this an option. I don’t understand why it doesn’t.