John Voorhees, writing at MacStories:

Last Friday, I left my job as a lawyer. Many readers may not even know that’s something I did because it’s not pertinent to what I do at MacStories. Over the course of many years, that job became less interesting and challenging. Eventually, I recognized that I needed a change, but nothing felt quite right. That is, until the day I decided to make an app. I’m not much of an app developer, but I wouldn’t be where I am now, writing this, if I hadn’t built one. This is my app story.

Fascinating. Although it wasn’t the intent of the piece, John’s story is a reminder of just how incredibly hard it is to have a go at being an indie app developer. If you take the exact same set of skills that an indie app developer must have and apply them at a company, you’ll have a very good job. You won’t have as much upward mobility potential as you would have being an indie app developer, but you’ll have the guarantee of a software engineer’s steady monthly income. For every indie app developer making half a million per year, there are a hundred indie app developers not making enough to support themselves, dreaming blindly of one day breaking free, but knowing it will never happen in their current situation.

There’s nothing wrong with making a living by the written word, and if that makes John happy for years to come, more power to him. If he decides he prefers the intellectual challenge of writing software, however, he’ll want to consider working at a company that can put his iOS knowledge to work.