Yours truly, back in August 2016:

The interesting thing about Pop is that it’s the equivalent of right clicking and selecting “Open Link in New Tab” in Chrome on a Mac. In other words, any JavaScript on-click events are overridden.

A lot of people haven’t figured this out yet, obviously. 3D Touch complicates bullet proofing on the mobile web.

Until Apple fixes it, you know what else 3D Touch is good for? Circumventing paywalls in Apple News. If you use 3D Touch on an article that has a paywall, it just opens it right up. The Internet abounds with articles on how to circumvent paywalls on news sites, but I haven’t seen anyone mention this one, interestingly enough.

I’m not the kind of guy who goes looking for things that’ve fallen off the back of trucks, but this oversight on Apple’s part is noteworthy nonetheless.