Jason Baroni:

They could’ve wiped out the notch, but in 2 years it would look like anyone else’s phone. It’s there to be a distinguishable, iconic design.

In saying this, Jason is parrotting Marco’s bizarre thoughts on this, in which he said:

This is the new shape of the iPhone. As long as the notch is clearly present and of approximately these proportions, it’s unique, simple, and recognizable.

It’s probably not going to significantly change for a long time, and Apple needs to make sure that the entire world recognizes it as well as we could recognize previous iPhones.

Here’s John Gruber’s response to this idea:

That’s not why there’s a notch.

It always bothers me when people outside of Apple postulate that they have great wisdom and insight into the secret will of Apple. I find that usually they’re wrong. Until there’s hard evidence, I don’t believe this notch is about “courage” or “iconic design.” It’s there for one reason only: because with current technological constraints, it has to be there. If Apple could have built the iPhone X without the notch, it would have done so. If and when the day comes that Apple can build the iPhone X without the notch, it will do so.