If you live in Google Inbox, there’s a handy snooze feature that you get out of the box. If you’re like me and prefer using third party apps to handle your mail, this feature isn’t availble. What there is instead is a script that you can run that will do this for you. I implemented this yesterday and it’s working like a charm.

As an example, if I wanted to automatically snooze for 1 day all emails that had a subject of “Hello world,” I’d create a filter with this search:

has:nouserlabels subject:(Hello world)

And then I would select “Apply the label:” and choose “Snooze/Snooze 1 days,” as auto-generated from that Apps script. I would also checkmark “Skip the Inbox (Archive it).” The result is that throughout the day, any emails that contain “Hello world” in the subject would not appear in my inbox until midnight each night, at which time they would all appear at once.

It’s a fantastic way to reduce the distraction and noise of email while still receiving everything.