Barbara Kozlowski, writing at the GitHub blog:

The open source community proves that when creative people get together on an open platform, great things happen: Code gets better, new technologies emerge, and the way we build software changes. Now there’s a new way to connect with developers around the world. Join the GitHub Community Forum to ask questions, swap stories, and share ideas, regardless of whether you work on public or private projects.

Shots fired. is a direct competitor to Stack Overflow.

Sadly, this new venture doesn’t hold to the same impeccable design standards as the main GitHub website. It just isn’t as tight. Even more sadly perhaps, it’s still using the arcane DOM choice of HTML tables. Of course, HTML tables don’t play well on mobile, so the site is overriding the table functionality in its mobile CSS. There’s no need for any of this nonesense. There’s nothing you can do in an HTML table that you can’t do with CSS and flexbox.

I can’t use in its current state, I’m afraid. I hope it becomes a first class citizen, because I would love to see it give long-in-the-tooth Stack Overflow a run for its money.1

  1. I love SO’s content, but there’s zero UI/UX innovation happening in mainstream technical QA community software. ↩︎