Eric Min, CEO:

From a scrappy little team that could all fit around a table and share a meal, Zwift’s staff has grown to over a hundred people including programmers, artists, designers, testers, community managers, coaches, marketers, and an awesome support staff working to help Zwifters when they have questions.

In order to continue to make Zwift bigger, better and more beautiful, we are updating our membership price to $14.99 per month, effective today. As a way of saying thank you, however, to the awesome Zwifters who helped us get here, your pricing will not change for one year.

There’s nothing like Zwift. It’s one of my favorite pieces of software. I ride outdoors in the summer, but during rainy days and in the cold of winter, Zwift is where it’s at. I knew the company was growing but I had no idea that there are now more than a hundred people at it. That’s fantastic.

This price increase might be a slight barrier to new customers, but I can’t imagine that anyone who’s experienced Zwift will mind the jump when it happens. Grandfathering the old pricing to preexisting customers for a year isn’t something the company had to do, but it’s a nice touch.1

  1. Far better to reward preexisting customers than to offer signup incentives for which your loyal base isn’t eligible. ↩︎