Speaking of Jeremy, he had this as one of his reasons for deciding to work at Coda:

I want to make a significant impact on the team and company as a whole. I also want to make a positive impact on the world at a scale I never could with Tapity.

Raph had this to say in reply:

Interesting projects or making a difference is extremely overrated…extremely — this coming from a veteran developer of over two decades. I do personal projects on my own every week which are a thousand times more interesting than you can ever find in any job unless you happen to be in the top genius 2% of this industry.

Personal projects over the weekend (like my recent PR to a VS Code extension) can sometimes border on euphoric in ways that a regular 9-5 job can’t sustain longterm. Here’s the funny part though: if you were to take that weekend project and turn it into a 9-5 startup, it would eventually lose its excitement too.