Manton Reece: is now available to anyone. There’s a limit of 100 new sign-ups each day, so that we can better respond to feedback as the community grows.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this news for some time. I’ve now got a Hugo blog set up and I’ve connected its RSS to my account.1 Here’s my profile. Seriously, you should get a account now if you don’t already have one. It’ll be fascinating to see where this goes. I’m wishing Manton and the project the best.

  1. I’m hosting my microblog on GitHub Pages, using Codeship to build the Hugo site and then push it to the gh-pages branch. I’m using Cloudflare to get HTTPS on the domain (since GitHub Pages doesn’t (yet) support custom SSL domains). The total cost of this setup is $7/mo for a premium GitHub account, and I wouldn’t even have to pay that if I were ok with the repository being public. ↩︎