Let’s look at the facts:

  1. Most people use Google as their search engine.
  2. Most people use Chrome as their browser.
  3. AMP pages are faster than any other type of page.
  4. As a result, Google’s won the battle of persuasion to the end user, and that’s all that ultimately matters. Google wins.

I want to give my reason for point #3 above. The other night, I completely blew out my Chrome history because it had gotten very confused DNS-wise about a local development domain that I was nursing back to health. This hard reset taught me something that I think most people don’t realize. The amount of time it takes to resolve the DNS on a domain that your browser has never visited before is staggering. It takes a long time, even if the server that’s hosting the website is lightening fast and there’s zero or very little JavaScript on the page. When you’re loading a website from Google, there’s a high probability that you’ve never visited that website before, which means you have to go through this dance. Google realized that if it could remove this DNS resolution out of the equation, then it could provide a load time that’s simply not possible otherwise. Instant DNS resolution is one of the huge things that AMP brings to the table. If I’m understanding yesterday’s announcement correctly, it sounds like Google’s figured out a way to continue this unbeatable load time whilst maintaining in some quasi way the original site URL in the address bar. That’s why I say that AMP just keeps getting more and more great.

People can complain all they want atop the peak of the moral high ground, but we’re never going back to a pre-AMP era. No end user wants that, including myself. Every time I load an AMP page, I’m happy, because I know it’s going to be fast, and fast is what we want when we’re on Google, particularly on mobile. Google innately gets this, which demonstrates that the company real does care about the mobile web more than some people give it credit. Every major site I know is implementing AMP, because why wouldn’t they?