One of the things I go back and forth on is whether to go with an overall dark development scheme or an overall light one. Recently I switched from dark to light. This involved a few changes:

  1. Unchecking the “Use dark menu bar and Dock” checkbox in System Preferences -> General.
  2. Switching from a dark to a light color scheme in my primary IDE, VSCode (I’m now using the “Visual Studio Light” theme).
  3. Changing my Chrome theme from “Dark” to “Light” in developer preferences.
  4. Changing my iTerm theme from a dark one to a light one — specifically to Ayu Light.

Ayu Light is an incredible theme. I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve copied stolen some colors from it and made it a Drinking Caffeine theme option in Settings. It’s the default theme on the site for now. It’s friendlier and more pleasant than its predecessor. It’s a statement of how I want 2018 to feel compared to 2017 in general.