Last June I complained about the fact that you can only cancel a yearly Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription on the month of renewal or else you’re charged a penalty.

Well, today was that final month for me, so I went about to cancel my subscription. There should be a “Cancel subscription” link in your plan details, but if there’s not, you’re supposed to “Contact us to cancel your membership.” I didn’t have that link (does anyone really get that link?), so I had to contact Adobe. Here’s a transcript of the 44 minute ordeal,1 with nothing obfuscated except my email.

You be the judge of whether Adobe is hostile or not with its customers.

  1. The “We have not heard from you for some time” ocurred after just two minutes of inactivity. The chat page has no sounds nor title notifications when a chat occurs, so unless you stay glued to the page, there’s no way of knowing when a new chat has arrived. ↩︎