Nick Heer:

It’s not enough to know what words to put where; good programmers understand the specific use of these words, and that requires an understanding of the grammatical syntax of English.

It’s laughable to think that you’d have to have a deep understanding of English to know how to program. There are millions of software developers who have limited English skills. You don’t have to be a grammar whiz to understand what if, when, case, while, and let mean. You only have to understand what they do in the context of software. I’ve never heard a developer who was a non-native English speaker complain about this, and I’ve worked with and corresponded with a lot of them. If you’re incapable of learning the meaning of 10 or so English words, you’re not cut out to be a software developer.

Moreover, getting a language to support an indeterminate number of keywords in the name of i18n would be a nightmare to maintain. Microsoft Office tried this for a while by shipping with a partially translated VBA. It was a disaster. It’s never going to happen for Swift.