DHH, writing at Signal v. Noise:

What allowed me to change and prosper was the freedom to grow apart and lose touch with people. It’s hard to change yourself if you’re stuck in the same social orbit. There’s a gravitational force that pulls you into repeating the same circular pattern over and over again. Breaking out of that takes tremendous force.

Whilst was reading this, something struck me. If you view Facebook’s primary problem as one of fake news and insular group think, then you’ll be in favor of people having as many kinds of friends as possible, retaining every connection they meet in real life. You’ll view this statement as a good thing:1

Knowing that everything you share will be seen by all these people from your past quietly. moderates what you actually share.

To DHH, this kind of moderation is a bad thing. It stifles growth.

This dilemma of how many connections to retain on Facebook is simple: don’t use Facebook.

  1. There’s a lot of typos in this piece. DHH’s a busy man. ↩︎