This new reading app from the developers of Airmail looks promising. I’d love for it to replace Unread, which is an elegant app but has no character.1 The biggest thing I’d love to see changed about Cappuccino is the ability to read an entire blog post inside the app. Right now it only shows an above-the-fold excerpt. When viewing an article that is itself a link elsewhere, tapping the headline in Cappuccino takes you to the linked article, not the article that’s reposting it, which means there’s no way to view the full contents of the latter. Still though, it’s a great 1.0 MVP and I’m looking forward to the future polish.

The website cracks me up. Here’s the CSS font declaration:

* {
    font-family: avenir !important;

Since I use a Windows for work, this means the site renders as serif. I adore the fact that this team felt no need to try to make the website look decent on Windows. Their customer is someone who uses Apple products, so why should they care how it appears on Windows?

  1. Well, that and it’s used by a crowd that I want to distance myself from because of how laughably ridiculous they’ve gotten in their brazen, nonsensical SJW politics. That’s being reactionary, but whatever. It’s for this same reason that I despise Tweetbot (or I would if I still used or cared one ounce about Twitter, which I do not). ↩︎