SJW dylanbeattie, on Twitter:

Company says: “Due to the GDPR, we are no longer able to offer our service to customers in the European Union.”

I hear: “You are not a customer. You never were. You are PRODUCT. Now that your privacy is protected by law, you are no longer worth anything to us. Go away.”

What dylanbeattie doesn’t seem to be aware of is that it’s not just the small minority of truly shady businesses that are forced to make changes to get complaint. It’s anyone collecting user data from EU citizens. By its very nature, the World Wide Web is accessible everywhere, including in the EU, which means any website collecting data is by default subject to GDPR’s overreaching jurisdiction. In the case of some very reputable businesses, the hassle of getting compliant with this burdensome mandate is simply not worth the effort. Many web-based businesses are pulling out of serving the EU because it’s not cost effective any more. From the Drip blog:

For some businesses, the cost of becoming GDPR-compliant is higher than not doing business with EU citizens to begin with, especially if you’re not purposefully courting them in the first place.

The soyboys in Clown World haven’t figured it out yet, but GDPR was a mistake.