Dan Abramov, author of Redux, the de facto state manager for React:

Congratulations to @vuejs for surpassing React’s star count on GitHub! Seems like I almost captured a historical moment by accident.

The typical developer on the street thinks that the two winners for frontend web libraries are Angular and React. I’ve been stressing over and over again that there are actually three winners: Angular, React, and Vue. And that Vue, which is the newest of the three, took the best ideas from React and Angular and that it’s actually the best of the three. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in all of these frameworks — in the case of Angular and Vue, thousands of hours. I can say unequivocally that Vue has the lowest learning curve and simplest API, has significantly fewest gotchas, and enables the fastest development cycle, all the while sacrificing nothing in performance. And now I can finally say that in a mathematical, quantitative metric, Vue has surpassed React in popularity. React is officially in the rear view mirror. If you’re wanting to start a new project or migrate a legacy project to one of these new frameworks, choose Vue. By all means, play with the others so you’ll know what you’re saying no to, but come back to Vue. There’s a reason it’s the most starred of the three projects on GitHub.1

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