The True Tone technology in MacBook Pro (2018) uses advanced multichannel sensors to adjust the color and intensity of your display and Touch Bar to match the ambient light so that images appear more natural.

Then the good part:

True Tone can also adjust these external displays when they’re connected to your MacBook Pro:

I can confirm that this is working as advertised on the new 2018 MacBook Pro and the discontinued Apple Thunderbolt Display. Toggling “True Tone” in System Preferences makes a noticeable difference on both the laptop screen and the external display. Heretofore I had been under the impression that the screen itself had to have additional properties in it to support True Tone. Turns out this isn’t the case. The days of needing to use Night Mode are officially gone.

If you’re using an external display and you’re using something other than one of these three, it’s time to get one of these three. They’re the only three external monitors worth having.1

  1. Along with a black keyboard with no numeric pad, I’m waiting for Apple to come out with its own external 5K monitor. Who wants to have to look at that “LG” logo all day, anyway? Gross. I did that with Dell for 4 months and I’m never doing it again. ↩︎