Ben Lovejoy, writing for 9to5Mac:

Apple Store staff tell us that they have fairly broad discretion to do what they believe to be the right thing for the customer. When they want to swap out a machine that is just a little way outside the 14-day window, we’re told that managers tend to ok it.

This past week, I took advantage of the 14-day “no questions asked” policy, but I have two anecdotal stories to show how much discretion Apple Store staff has in addition to that.

On September 4, 2015, I bought a baseline 13” retina MacBook Pro, to replace a 3-year-old machine. Then the following month I started a new job that required a more powerful machine. I took my MBP to the Apple Store on October 8 — more than 30 days after my purchase — and received a full store credit to go towards a retina 15” model. “We just want you to have the computer you need to do your job,” the staff told me.

Then on February 4, 2018, I went to the Apple Store with a Magic Keyboard whose space bar had quit working reliably. I’d purchased it on December 1, 2015. The genius looked at it, went to the shelf, found a matching keyboard, took the plastic off the box, removed the keyboard, and handed it to me at no charge. Again, the explanation was the same — “I just want you to be able to get back to work.” There was no receipt involved. I simply walked in with a broken keyboard and walked out with a new working one.

Apple charges a premium for its products but the service you get with those products is remarkable.