It’s also the 5th best selling car by units. This is incredible when you consider that a Model 3 costing $10,000 less is coming out in early 2019. If the Model 3 is performing this well with a $45,000 starting price, what will it be then? Tesla has gone from being a company that sells cars to rich coastal elites to being a company that sells cars to average American consumer.

As I was driving to work today I was struck by how arbitrarily noisy the highway is. A day may come where that noise is looked upon as the mark of an era that came and went.

Because the average energy cost per mile of an electric car is a third the cost of a gas car, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the higher precision of an electric motor when the up-front cost is comparable? It’s a objectively superior technology. Through irrefutable, unstoppable math, the automotive industry is getting disrupted in an way unparalleled since its inception. The Tesla Model 3 is to cars what the iPhone is to phones. Honda and Toyota, heretofore the defining American automotive staples, are the new Research In Motion.1

  1. (That’s RIM, the company behind the BlackBerry.) ↩︎