You can assume that when a company gets to a certain size, it’s going to replace its open-source version of something with a company-flavored version that is better tailored to its needs. I think if AWS had chosen to fork MongoDB in a way that was open source, the optics would’ve been better. That didn’t make business sense though because Amazon had already spent its open source budget on a Wikipedia donation. Sorry, fam. Next time!1

  1. I’m being cavalier here but make no mistake: it costs a lot more money doing something open-source than it does doing it closed-source. Anyone who’s worked at a company that actually did something open-source knows this. Not only do you have to do the same amount of work but you have to do it in a community-driven fashion, and that’s always less efficient. I assume there were also strategic reasons why closed-source made more sense for the AWS. ↩︎