Chris Pearson, reflecting on the design changes of the admin face introduced by WordPess 5.3:

Perhaps I was too subtle earlier. I’ll rephrase:

The new #WordPress UI “enhancements” are f*cking AWFUL.

Most changes have been made under the guise of a very narrow lens of “accessibility.”

Being unable to scan a UI effectively is not “accessibility.”

After a scathing thread, he concluded:

They want to feel important. They want to feel like they’re helping—especially if they get to feel like they’re helping the “little guy” or anyone else who is a “victim” of normal sh*t.

They are not professionals.

They are insecure hacks.

I’ve not had to deal with the abomination of WordPress 5.3 until this afternoon, and man does it hurt. To repurpose a Steve Jobs quote, the problem with WordPress is that they just have no taste. Never has this been more abundantly clear than in the WordPress 5.3 update.