Try this:

Install 1Blocker on your iPhone.1 Then go to and view this annoying overlay:

Looks like you might have an Adblock on. Please whitelist OR log in to enjoy an Ad-Light experience.

The “Continue to Site” link still exists though. Using 3D Touch, go ahead and Peek it. You’ll see the same page as you’re already on, reloaded. Release the Peek. Then Peek again. This time, you’ll see the actual site appear. Pop it, and you’re on the page you’re after.

The interesting thing about Pop is that it’s the equivalent of right clicking and selecting “Open Link in New Tab” in Chrome on a Mac. In other words, any JavaScript on-click events are overridden.

A lot of people haven’t figured this out yet, obviously. 3D Touch complicates bullet proofing on the mobile web.

  1. I recently started using 1Blocker again, thanks to an old episode of The Talk Show that I finally got around to. ↩︎